Screvo currently focuses on the development of a range of specialized products for cell culture, drug delivery and screening and automation.


Our first product, Vers3D™, is a versatile system of implantable wells that harbors multiple conditions per device. Vers3D™ is also a research tool that bridges the in vitro and in vivo research environments. Our platform provides flexibility to the user as wells can be made according to clients’ specifications from different thermoplastic materials, in different sizes and of various well numbers.

Do contact us to evaluate the well number and material that best suits your application. With Vers3D™, conditions can be manually or robotically dispensed in the wells and analyzed using standard laboratory equipment as shown below.

Sample Cross Section

Sample Cross

The above cross section of a well system implanted in a mouse shows three wells or conditions  stained with Masson's trichrome. The colors on the slide represent keratin (Red), collagen (Blue) and nuclei (dark brown or black). Mouse skin tissue can be observed on the upper part of the slide and in each well, which contains three different cell numbers of human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs). From right to left, the three hMSCs numbers are: 25000, 12000, 6000 cells. The width (4 mm) of this particular device is visible through the white color that spans the slide and is embedded in mouse tissue. To be able to pinpoint the order of the cell numbers after processing the samples, one side of the device was stained with black India ink before processing the samples, this black ink is visible on the lower right of the slide. This figure indicates that collagen production is more abundant in the well containing the 25000 hMSCs (right well) as shown by the dark blue coloration.

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